May 31, 2022

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” the slogan goes. It’s also easier! Join Susan and Laura, our social media goddess, to learn how to protect yourself from internet scammers preying on artists.


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  1. I always tell every person that wants to buy something that I only sell on my website and when they ask why, I explain that it tracks my inventory…which it doesn’t….keeps me safe!

  2. Ugh this exact one happened to me about the anniversary gift 🤨
    Instagram boggles my mind how they can stop a pure artist’s Instagram page and can not block these spammers

  3. Thanks for the great info!!!!…Keanu Reeves has also contacted me many times😂😂😂…it’s so sad that he has no friends😩😩

  4. Second time around watching this. Thank you!

  5. yikes, so helpful thank you!

  6. I have 2 factor authentication on IG. Do I have to log out and then log in every time I use it? I think that I said that the two devices that I use are Trusted.

    Is there any danger in using Venmo for payment and giving out my name so that they can send me money?

    Thank you. Great information.

    • Laurie,

      You don’t need to log out and back in every time if you are on any device that only you use and have the password to enter. On public devices, yes – log out.

      I don’t know of any risks with Venmo. I use it all the time with people I do and don’t know. All you are giving them is your Venmo name – nothing else.

  7. Thanks Laura and Susan!

    I am currently in contact with a scammer that wants to buy 5 of my pieces for a birthday surprise for her husband. It fits the whole scenario you’ve described; check overage; third party pickup, return overage by PayPal.
    The check looks like a cashiers check.
    I appreciate the enlightenment! My daughter said to block immediately! I’m curious if there’s anyway to report them./anyone to report them to.

  8. Since some checks look like legit cashiers checks, do you only accept credit cards? Is it safe to accept PayPal, and once you can see money is in your account then ship the art?

    • Good question, Karen. I am wondering about PayPal myself. My husband uses PayPal to sell his musical equipment. It’s worked well, so far. 😉

    • I would never accept a check. Venmo or Paypal are the best options and yes, don’t ship until the money is in your hands.

  9. Thankyou all great information
    I have been scammed when my lap got a virus called Trojan horse it was quite frightening at the time as had a landline at the time and phone kept ring saying it was instruction on how to reset lap top a alarm noise was going off in laptop I thought it was going to blow up 😆 haha
    I rang a friend he said you have been scammed chuck your lap top in the fridge. did not understand what that meant all the time alarm going off in laptop I followed instructions paid money on line and alarm stopped
    I took my laptop to repair shop it couldn’t be repaired got another laptop and changed all my bank details so nervous about anything that’s in my in box at the same time wonder if there really is a package waiting for me
    Thanks again will need to listern again xx


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