Sep 4, 2019

In this month’s Master Class with artist and psychologist, Rachel Davis, we learn that all artists get stuck and all mental challenges with our art are fear-based. In this enlightening and informative Master Class, Rachel teaches us how to notice our challenges, reframe them, and move forward, based on what really matters to you as an artist.

In this Master Class you will learn how to use the ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) Matrix to help end trying to be something or someone than you are. 

Some things you will learn:

• Fear is evolutionary—built into our DNA to protect us, so it is not going to go away

• To recognize your resistance—the things you have been doing to avoid what you want to do

• We don’t like to feel things like being incompetent for example, so we do things to avoid feeling it altogether

• We can release great amounts of unhelpful energy when we surrender to what’s holding us back

• Most of us don’t think twice about the awful way we speak to ourselves

• We become more sensitive the more we are aware


Please click here to watch our video walkthrough on how to download the audio and transcripts for all Academy materials.


Be certain to check out Rachel’s art at her website: racheldavisstudio.com  Her psychology website, where she practices as Dr. Ruth Davis Kalb, can be found here:  drruthkalb.com


*Please note that guest presenters are not necessarily Academy members available for commenting.


  1. Thank you for this very helpful masterclass, I will go through the grid today as I’m feeling very stuck and I think its fear among other internal stuff I’m struggling with. I need to get in motion.

  2. Brilliant talk and exercise. I found this very informative and helpful. I will try this technique today; I can see it being useful for the rest of my life. Currently, I’m trying to start many new things at an older age and it’s intimidating. Thank you for this gem!

  3. Kudos and gratitude to Rachael for doing this class. I particularly like the “hug + nudge” idea.
    As a long time meditator, I can see how effective we can all be with your tool – yes, it’s all about Awareness. Best wishes to you.

  4. Thank you, Rachel and Nic for this masterclass. It’s just what I needed ‘that push’ I’ve been doing so many other things and like you Nic I find it difficult to say no to invitations to hang out or help out.
    I haven’t picked up a paint brush for 3 months and hardly logged on to the Academy.
    Rachel this makes so much sense, I’m printing out the matrix to find out how I can nail down my fears and live with them.

  5. This is a great way of framing what I already know, lol, but didn’t understand how to address. I filled out my matrix along with the class – feel like I am moving ahead with much more insight. Thanks!


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