May 8, 2024

Fresh, accessible, and friendly are feelings that come to mind when viewing the paintings by John Button. It’s no surprise that these words describe his character as well. There’s an ease, humility, and authenticity in how John describes his work and the life he’s built around it. A transplant from a coastal English town to Stockholm, Sweden, his work reflects his love of the scenery, past and present. It’s within him and has shaped who he is and the art he creates. He creates for himself first, and painting is his calling.


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  1. Lovely conversation Ann and John! Beautiful and inspiring!

  2. Thanks Ann. Thanks John. Another great interview! Great to listen to another artists processes. Loved Johns palette and use of shapes and space.

  3. Well done Ann. Lovely interview, so relaxed, friendly and informative. Thanks to John also for giving his time. His work is so free and calm.

  4. Awesome and inspiring. The kind of guy you just want to hang out with.
    Great interview Ann!

  5. Inspiring work. So gentle and inviting via softness of colors and shapes. Loved the conversation between Ann and John about freedom to express yourself through what you paint and how via the inner self. Thanks. I needed this encouragement.

  6. Anne, you are such a good interviewer, so natural. I loved hearing John Button’s process and how he thinks about his approach to painting.

    • Ah thanks Peggy. He’s such a lovely and humble person Easy to chat with.

  7. Always wonderful to be introduced to a new artist. I like how he refers to the light in Sweden, very similar to light in Alaska, where I am. Not a lot of light in the winter but when it does come out, it’s amazing. Very hard to go purely abstract and not be influence by a horizon line once you’ve been painting one for years. I’ll have to follow him and see if how that goes. Thank you for another interesting interview.


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