To get started, we recommend that you watch Nick’s Welcome video below, which is an overview of the Academy.


We hope this Welcome video was helpful. You’ll also find the recording of the live Welcome Call at the bottom of the page – but first, let’s get you started!

Getting Set Up

This video covers how to set up your profile, change your email, and update your password. Here are quick links to:

Add your profile image
Add your cover image
Add your personal information and social media links

Remember to save your user name and password and bookmark the Academy website in your browser so you can easily find it.

Explore The Academy

This video walks you through the Art2Life Academy website. We go into detail of what things are and where they live. We want to make sure that you know all that is available to you! Click on the links below to:

Check out a Master Class
Check out the Index/FAQ

Search the Videos

This video shows you how to use the “Search All Videos” feature – here you can look through all the content in the Academy by keyword or phrase:

Search all the content in the Academy


This video shows you how to keep track of which Academy videos you have and haven’t watched! 

Track your progress in the Academy

Album Set Up

The Albums are where you can store, reference and share images of your art. The Albums are only visible to the Art2Life community. You can also add information about the images you upload, such as the size, medium, your thoughts about it, etc. You are the only one who will be able to add, organize or edit your Album(s). In this video tutorial you will learn the follwing:

How to create an Album
How to upload an image to your Album
More information about Albums


Community is one of the key benefits of the Art2Life Academy. Sharing and supporting helps our art, and the art of others. We strongly encourage you to introduce yourself, share your work, your challenges and successes. Working together we can make our art and our practices stronger. The private Academy Facebook Group is for casual conversations and sharing. Access this group by clicking on “COMMUNITY” in the top navigation bar, and then choose “FACEBOOK”. Make sure you are logged into Facebook to access the page.

Go to the Academy Facebook Group
Introduce Yourself

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at academy@art2life.com. We are here for you.


To download the slides from this recording, click here


Welcome to the Studio Community!
As a member of our Academy, you now have full access to our Studio Community. Whether you’re familiar with Circle or new to the platform, this is your new go-to place to connect with fellow artists to make art together in real time.

To Get Started:

  1. For Existing Users: Welcome back! Dive right into all that’s available in the Studio Community – Click here to enter.
  2. For New Users: Here is your Invitation link.
  3. Once inside, please visit the “Start Here” space to set up your profile and learn how to navigate the community.

Take some time to explore, engage, and enjoy!

Here is what you can expect every month in the Academy!

1st Wednesday: Recorded Master Class
2nd Wednesday: Recorded Inspiration Interview
3rd Wednesday at 12pm PDT: Critique / Live on Zoom
4th Wednesday at 12pm PDT: Community Call / Live on Zoom


If you have any questions about the Academy, please visit our INDEX/FAQ by clicking here. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at academy@art2life.com and it would be our pleasure to help!