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Margarita Daines

Meudon, France

What inspires your work?

Colombian and therefore also pre-Colombian roots probably have a strong influence on my work. It is an unconscious memory that I wish to prolong and mix with more recent experiences of the many other countries where I have lived. For some reason I seem to make blocks somewhat akin to architectural projects or ancient ruins.

I create by overlaying fragments, withdrawing, the eternal doing and undoing, adding and taking away to create volume and rhythm. I like to work with clay, because the use of clay goes back such a long way in human history, so I imagine I reproduce ancient gestures. When I choose the clay I think about the final colour, after coming out of the oven. I prefer leaving its crude appearance to having a patina applied to it.

I also like working with stone such as alabaster, for its translucency, and steatite, for its softness.

After the CVP program I have decided to explore new paths of creation. I would like to “go big”, and given current local oven limitations I am about to start working with metal and concrete.

Since we’re approaching New Year times, I would like to know what are the two main artistic goals you will set yourself for 2017?