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Applying the Art2Life Principles to both

How to paint in two different styles from a single reference

No matter what style of painting we are creating, the Art2Life Principles apply. In this week’s Master Class, Nicholas demonstrates this by making two paintings from the same photographic reference, using the same color palette. One is Abstract and one is in the style of Realism.

Learn how to put together your own book

How to use your own book as a tool for promotion

As artists who want to sell our work, we are always wanting to know about more ways to promote it. Creating a promotional book of our work is an easy, affordable and powerful way to help elevate and upsell your work. Listen in to Nicholas’ interview with artist Marti Somers as they discuss what inspired her to begin a book, how she uses the book, and also practical advice on how to create one.

Learn how Photoshop can help you with your art making

adjust your work in progress like a pro

As creatives we are all familiar with getting occasionally stuck in our work. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to go next. One great tool for finding solutions to these roadblocks is Photoshop. It allows you to adjust nearly every element of your work without any risk; color, hue, saturation, specific shapes or segments of your compositions – nothing is beyond your reach!

Learn ways that allow you to sell your art direct

Build a culture of success around you

Artist Judy Paul has chosen to predominantly market her work herself. Her successful strategy has been to produce and sell both prints and original paintings through various channels, including social media. Listen in to this informative and inspiring interview on ways you can take the lead in selling your art.

Learn how to give images of your work that professional feel

Follow these simple steps to create quality images

Having good photographs of your work is essential to the success of any artist, and it has never been easier to do this yourself. The advent of new technology such as digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop have made it possible for all creatives to take and edit high quality images of your art. Join us as we walk you through our simple, step-by-step process that will result in outstanding, professional grade images.

Learn from a gallery director how to get into galleries

Prepare for Success

Getting your work into a gallery can be daunting for any level of artist. To help you navigate through this process, we’re interviewing Donna Seager, co-owner of Seager Gray Gallery based in Mill Valley, CA. Follow us as she explains the best practices to get your work seen!

How To Travel and Keep Making Your Art

Do you tend to put your art practice on hold when you go on vacation?

Taking breaks from making art is important. When I have been working for weeks and weeks I notice that I start craving to see something different than my own work and my studio. I usually postpone fulfilling these desires until I finally realize that what I really need to do is leave entirely. Maybe go on a long vacation somewhere exotic. But even on vacation I find myself gravitating towards making art…