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Here is the link for the next live call :
At the scheduled time and start date of the call, all you have to do is click the above link and you’re in!



This call will be all about what Nicholas has learned from my Father in terms of making art, humility, laughter, mindset and risk. He will be sharing his art and stories that have influenced not just Nick’s art, but his teaching as well. Painter, and coach Gabe Lipper will be on the call as well. He also influenced by Cliff as he shared his studio with him for 10 years.


On this call Nicholas will be describing a new, more accurate and inclusive definition of art that is not limited to paintings, sculptures, or objects in museums. Art is anything you desire to create in your life. It could be a garden, a cabin in the woods, a cake, a business, or even a story. It is possible to apply all the lessons learned in our art making to our life making. All that matters is that you care deeply about what you are creating.


This month’s Live Q+A is going to be a group think on the biggest challenge you have right now. Come prepared to get answers and give answers to other members. Anything that is challenging you can be asked—images, color, selling, design, confidence. You name it!


This month’s Live Q+A Call is All About Value. This is an area that can elude many of us. How do you increase value? What about color and value? What do you do with all of these middle values? How can I improve my art with values? Listen in as Nicholas answers these questions and more about this very important subject.


For this month’s live Q+A call, we will be discussing the Creative Path and its various stages. Understanding the Creative Path and where we are on it helps us grow as artists, allowing us to see where we’ve come from and also where we are going. The Creative Path also helps us anticipate the changes each of us go through as we develop and grow at artists. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to discover what stage you are on and how to get to the next one!


On this Live Q+A call, Nicholas Wilton will help navigate the challenge behind learning how to sell one’s artwork. This can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning – there are so many questions, and without help, it can be difficult to know where to start. Nicholas will give you the inside tips that you’ll need in order to get your work into galleries, as well as other venues you can use to get your work out into the world. He’ll share his knowledge as a professional artist who has continuously sold work for his entire adult life – this is information that you won’t get anywhere else!


This Live Q+A call is dedicating the entire call to taking your questions. No subject relating to art is off the table. This is a great opportunity to ask your burning questions to Nick. Hope you’ll join us!


Our next Live Q+A Call for the Academy is all about using blogging to broaden the audience reach for your art. Nick will inspire you to consider the ways a blog can work for you, engaging your audience, and making that personal connection which we know is at the core of what motivates people to want your art for themselves!


Our June Live Q+A Call will be all about copyright…how to register copyright for your art and how to determine fair use when using found images. Hosted by Susan Melrath, we welcome Kathy Catlin Davis, an Attorney who specializes in business law, trademark filing and copyright protection. This is information many of you have wanted to know about so, bring your questions!


This LIVE Q+A Call is a conversation about confidence—where it comes from and how do you develop it. Returning guest speaker Susie Moore is currently writing a book all about Confidence hacks and what to do maintain confidence. The discussion on the call will be about confidence in making art and also speaking about your art and yourself.


This Live Q+A Call is about Money Mindfulness with Belinda Rosenblum. Belinda is a financial coach and consultant that helps thousands of people discover how “owning your money” creates certainty, security and the life of financial independence they deserve. Join Nicholas and Belinda discussing this very important topic, specifically speaking to creatives.


This call will be about showing what is involved with creating a workshop. From design, to promotion, to branding to pricing and tips and tricks to creating a memorable lucrative experience for you as well as your students. This can be a great supplement to your art career.


There is a myth that artists are not able to manage the business aspects of their work. In this Live Q+A you will learn that by applying the very same thinking to your business that you do with your art making, you absolutely have what it takes!


Our next LIVE Q+A Call for the Academy will be presented by the Art2life Coaches. It will be a panel discussion about some of the most common challenges that artists face. We’ll be talking about ways to overcome those challenges, what has worked for us, the areas that we have personally struggled with and, of course, we will welcome your participation and questions!


We are extremely excited about our December LIVE Q+A. On this call, joining Nicholas will be acclaimed coach and writer and advisor, Susie Moore. Nick and Susie will be diving into one of the most powerful and under-utilized promotional channels available to artists… the mainstream press.


On this Live Q+A, we’ll discuss the art of working remotely. From all of Nick’s travels and teaching workshops across the globe, he has much to share with us about how to effectively work remotely. Topics discussed will be helpful whether you’re working abroad, or just across town. We hope you can join us!


On this Live Q+A, we’ll discuss the art of finding time. This is something many of us struggle with. How do we find time to make our art when we have so many things going on in our day to day lives? On this call, Nick will share some of his strategies for scheduling time for efficiency, productivity, and even time for play. We hope you can join us!


On our next Live Q+A, Nicholas will be making image adjustments to the paintings you have submitted. We hear so much positive feedback on image adjustments. They are a great way to see how paintings can improve in just a few steps right before your eyes. They help to solidify the Art2Life Principles and offer guidance on how to continuously improve your work. So please join us!


Our next Live Q+A Call will be a PicNick with Nicholas! This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions about your art, your practice, galleries, materials, creative burnout, etc. Listen in as you’ll probably hear answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!


In our next Live Q+A Call, the final installment of our “Mini Workshop” series, Nick will be focusing on the last of the Art2life Principles, Soul! We’re very excited about this call as Nick will be interviewing Leslie McGuirk, an internationally acclaimed designer, illustrator, children’s book author, astrologer and corporate speaker on the topic of creative thinking. She’ll be sharing some of what she has come to understand about the creative process and how we can connect more deeply to ourselves and pay attention to the sign-posts along the way that are guiding us.


Continuing in our “Mini Workshop” series, our next Live Q+A call will be focusing on the function and necessity of Risk in our painting. This call will stimulate your thinking about how you can bring more risk into your work and will involve a live demonstration, along with an opportunity to ask your questions.


So many of us respond to Texture. We love it. But, how can we make Texture a strong component of our work, without it being overpowering? On this live call, Nicholas will be talking about how you can make Texture more a part of your work. He will be discussing the relative strength of Value and Design and Color in relationship to Texture. Join in as there will be a LIVE demo on how to preserve and then later excavate collage using isolation coats on acrylic paintings—something Nick has never shown us before!


As you’ve heard me say again and again, Design and Value are BY FAR the most powerful in changing your art. Understanding these two Principles can save you countless hours of struggle and significantly elevate your art. If a painting is not working, it’s a pretty sure bet the Design is not working. Join me on this call where I will be adjusting your paintings LIVE, focusing on the principle of Design.


Color can elude us all. We love color. We love paintings with color. We love to paint with color. But, we don’t always know how to use it to make our paintings the best they can be. In this Live Q+A call, Nicholas will be educating us on color, including showing color demonstrations live from his studio.


Becoming and being an artist is not for the faint of heart. We don’t follow a typical career path and instead create one that has not been forged. There are ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and sometimes even pitfalls along the way. These experiences can become our stories. And our stories can be very powerful for others to observe or learn from. Join Nicholas and members of Team Art2Life as we share a few of our stories about what we’ve learned along the way.


As artists, we may not realize how deeply our art mirrors our lives. What can we see in our art and the practice of our art that can shed light on our lives, and vice versa? Please join Nicholas, and our own Susan Melrath, on this month’s Live Call where we explore an “inner side” of making art.


We truly live in the age of the artist. With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter all within arms reach, it has never been easier to promote yourself. Perhaps the most powerful social media platforms for artists is Instagram. Simply by posting an image of one’s work, creatives are able to connect instantly with people across the globe.


Fear and Resistance can be constant companions in our art making process. Join Nicholas and Cheryl Taves as they take a deep dive into what can cause these challenges, how to recognize them, and how to overcome them in our daily practice.

How to Price and Sell Your Work

Join us as Nicholas lay outs a detailed strategy on how to not only price your work accurately, but also how to sell it. In addition, we will explore some of the potent psychological triggers that encourage people to buy, as well as how to approach galleries and promote yourself.

How to Set Up Your Studio

How we set up our studios can really help us with our art practice. It can inspire us and allow the process to be more efficient. Join us on the call where Nicholas will share some more tips and tricks for your studio.

Welcome to the Art2Life Academy!

We’ve had a little time to think about the Art2Life Principles and let them begin to absorb into our art and our practice.