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Susanne Clark + Marjorie Claus

Discernment makes for better work

This week’s Art Critique is with Marjorie Claus and Suzanne Clark. These two artists’ work are rich with intuitive color, marks and shapes. In this video, Nick shows them how by making a few changes to their work—finding a bit more clarity—can make the work even stronger.

Zandra Stratford + Glenda Green


For this month’s art critique we bring you Zandra Stratford and Glenda Green, two artists whose work employs the use of bold geometric shapes and vivid colors.  Join us as Nicholas demonstrates how injecting differences and adjusting color values slightly allows for more harmonious and richer compositions.

Susan Hart


Susan Hart uses a mix of media within a non-objective, abstract theme to explore shape, color, line and texture. As she is drawn to calm paintings, her question to Nicholas in this Art Critique is how can she have both the calm and the noisy in her work. Take a listen into the conversation of how to make powerful work using these differences.

Liese Gauthier

Pushing subtle work to make it even better

Liese Gauthier creates beautiful, rich, subtle surfaces in her work. In this week’s Art Critique, Nicholas teaches Liese (and all of us) to push even our quiet work further, so that it can be more refreshing, engaging, and have more impact.

Megan Donnelly

Inviting Change into the Work

We have another great interview for you this week with Megan Donnelly. An alumni of the Mentorship Program, Megan has made the transition into becoming a full-fledged artist, amassing an impressive body of work along the way. Join us as we trace her creative journey, and investigate the challenges she faces, many of which are so similar to our own.

Karina Bania

Seeking Inspiration from her surroundings

This is a remarkable interview with our own AA member Karina Bania. Follow along as we illuminate what it is that her really great work has that some of her older work does not. How can we become more clear about what and where we are headed? How do we make our work better? Karina’s exploration and challenges are similar to many of ours… Come join us as we explore this territory together.